"My skin has always been dry, and having Diabetes has made it more of a problem for me. After regular use of New Feet my skin is so much better. There is no greasy residue with this product. I'd recommend it to anyone!"

Virginia L., Kirkland, WA

"After doing the Cancer walk my feet were wasted, and after using New Feet for 5 or 6 days I was amazed! Even my foot doctor was amazed when I went in for my second visit after "the walk". Nothing has made my feet and shins look so good. "

Karen S., Lynnwood, WA

"Having worked in the medical professional many years I have had a great deal of experience with different moisturizers. In one use New Feet softens, heals and restores elasticity. When my husband got severe edema I knew just what product to use. New Feet is the only product I will ever use on damaged skin. Its natural ingredients are even safe for my premature granddaughter. "

Lisa H., Camano Island, WA'

"Thanks so much for introducing me to New Feet ... because that's what they are ... new feet! My skin is a lot less dry and much more flexible. Our feet do so much for us, and get so little attention or reward. So thank you from my happy feet, too!"

Sydney Johnston, Lilburn, GA

"New Feet is the only hand cream that allows me to put on rubber gloves with any ease. It's the best product I have found to keep my hands soft, in spite of having them in sanitizer throughout the day".

R. Wood, Woodinville, WA (Meat Cutter)

"My feet take a real beating everyday, and when I apply New Feet, within minutes the pain and tiredness is gone. There is a real soothing feeling."

Sue C., Marysville, WA

"We sure do appreciate the New Feet creme. My husband LOVES it for his hands to keep his knuckles from cracking. I use it for my knees and elbows, as well as my heels and other calluses. He says it should be labeled, "New Hands and Feet"!! He sure likes what it does for his hands. "

A. & A. Whetstone, Israel 

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